TRIDENT TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD is a dynamic and driven company with a strong focus in the healthcare industry. Our core strength lies in delivering cost effective and innovative solutions using Microsoft Technology. The cornerstone of our technology backbone is Microsoft’s .NET application platform. Along with Microsoft’s rich family of application servers, Trident has been able to constantly provide cost effective solutions to our customers. Since our incorporation in 2006, we have involved ourselves with various sector of the industry, but in recent years, have narrowed our focus to the local healthcare sector due to the projected growth in government investment. In addition, it allows us to build upon our domain knowledge and improve our operating efficiency and our value to customers. Trident has formulated in-house application templates that we reuse extensively to further reduce our time-to-market.

.NET Development

When your organization is seeking a competitive advantage over its competitors to prevent them from replicating your solution and business process, or when the use of off-shelf products may fail to meet your business needs, you would need a custom solution specifically tailored for your business to achieve maximum IT returns. With our team of software engineers, we can help you to achieve your goals. We specialize in the development, implementation, maintenance and support of custom solutions, utilizing the latest .NET technology and adoption of best software practice. .NET solutions refer to a set of Microsoft technologies and it is very well-supported.
Custom ASP.NET Application Development
ASP.NET Software Development
Enterprise ASP.NET Development
ASP.NET MVC Development