TRIDENT Technologies started life providing solutions to a wide range of industries spanning transport, healthcare, and logistics. We managed to establish ourselves in the public healthcare sector in Singapore by providing creative and responsive solutions to our users. Under the guidance of our Health Ministry, the sector has seen great excitement in leveraging Information Technology to raise the service quality of our public healthcare to levels unseen before. Prudent use of IT greatly increases the efficiency of public healthcare services.

With the Internet being an essential component in most businesses and the advent of Internet connected devices and appliances, cyber security is of ever increasing importance. Many high profile security incidents have highlighted the many threats posed by criminals, nation states, and even amateur hackers (script kiddies). Such attacks often come at a great financial loss to organizations in addition to denigrating their reputation. Over the past five years, we have started providing services in cyber security due to increased demand from our customers. Many of our customers have often learnt the importance of cyber security the hard way by having their systems compromised. Trident Technologies understands the business risks involved from cyber threats and have a comprehensive suite of services to help corporations mitigate and prevent the many risks.

We provide the following services:
Custom Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions & Managed Services